Love wins. Join filmmaker, Mark Titus as we connect with extraordinary humans saving what they love through radical compassion and meaningful action. Eva’s Wild and Magic Canoe present the Save What You Love Podcast as a first offering of content celebrating and protecting the wild in our hearts and on our planet.

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#40 - Amy Gulick - Author of The Salmon Way

Amy Gulick is an award-winning nature photographer and writer. She is the author of celebrated books, The Salmon Way and Salmon In The Trees. This is one of the riches...

#39 - Ashley Koff RD

Ashley Koff, RD is Maine based, registered dietician who has seen it all. Ashley started on the other side of the divide with respect to holistic nutrition, in the big...

#38 - Leah Warshawski & Todd Soliday

Filmmakers, Leah Warshawski and Todd Soliday sit down with Mark to talk about the hard work of filmmaking and persisting against all odds.

#37 - Tom Colicchio

In this episode, Mark sits down with star chef and food activist, Tom Colicchio, who appeared in Mark's 2nd feature documentary, "The Wild."

#36 - Tim Troll - Executive Director, Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust

Tim Troll came to Alaska in 1978 as a VISTA volunteer lawyer and was assigned to an office in Bethel, a remote Yup’ik Indigeous community in Southwestern Alaska. Afte...

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