#11 - Colleen Echohawk - Seattle Mayoral Candidate

If elected, Colleen would become the first Indigenous Woman to lead the city of Seattle, the only American city named after an Indigenous leader, Chief Sealth. On today's SWYL podcast, she expounds on Seattle's Homeless Crisis; accountability by police and citizens alike and leadership rooted in indigenous wisdom. 

Check out Colleen Echohawk and her campaign: 

Colleen in her own words:
"In these difficult days for our city and the world, it has never been clearer that the way we do things has to change. As an Indigenous person, the spirit of service has deep roots in my family. I bring that same spirit to my work. I’m the executive director of Chief Seattle Club, a nonprofit building  $100 million dollars of new affordable housing in the city for Urban Indians. Our city is facing unprecedented challenges, and we can’t accept more of the same from City Hall. These are historic times, and they require historic solutions."
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