#12 - Richard Chalyee Eésh Peterson - Tlingit & Haida Tribe President

Richard Chalyee Eésh Peterson is the 4-term President of the Tlingit and Haida Council in Southeast Alaska. On today’s episode Mark and Richard talk about perseverance and resilience in the face of fear; real accountability & transformation; and of course, wild salmon. Richard is a stalwart leader and a brings hope in saving the things we love through his own deeply personal story of transformation.

Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (Tlingit & Haida) is a tribal government representing over 30,000 Tlingit and Haida Indians worldwide. We are a sovereign entity and have a government to government relationship with the United States.

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Creators and Guests

Mark Titus
Mark Titus
Mark Titus is the creator of Eva’s Wild and director of the award winning films, The Breach and The Wild. He’s currently working on a third film in his salmon trilogy, The Turn. In early 2021, Mark launched his podcast, Save What You Love, interviewing exceptional people devoting their lives in ways big and small to the protection of things they love. Through his storytelling, Mark Titus carries the message that humanity has an inherent need for wilderness and to fulfill that need we have a calling to protect wild places and wild things.
Richard (Chalyee Éesh) Peterson
Richard (Chalyee Éesh) Peterson
Richard (Chalyee Éesh) Peterson is Tlingit from the Kaagwaantaan clan. Chalyee Éesh currently serves as Chair of the Alaska Tribal Unity, and on the Data for Indigenous Justice Advisory, Tlingit Haida Tribal Business Corporation board, United States Forest Service Alaska Tribal Leadership and Tongass Advisory committees, and in various other appointed positions to represent tribal interest on Alaska Native issues.
#12 - Richard Chalyee Eésh Peterson  - Tlingit & Haida Tribe President
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