#13 - Chris Zimmer - Rivers Without Borders

Based in Juneau, Chris has been with Rivers Without Borders since 2001. He has worked on environmental issues for over 25 years in Washington, Montana and Alaska, including nuclear weapons testing, Columbia River dams and salmon, forest campaigns and transboundary issues. Chris engages tribes, commercial fishermen and communities advancing watershed conservation. In this episode, Chris and Mark take a deep dive into the Tulsequah Chief Mine controversy above Alaska’s Taku River watershed. There are multiple transboundary mines threatening wild salmon rivers in Southeast Alaska and BC. This one would set a major precedent.
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Save What You Love with Mark Titus:⁣⁣
Produced: Tyler White⁣⁣
Edited: Patrick Troll⁣⁣
Music: Whiskey Class⁣⁣
Mark Titus

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