#24 - Ian Gill - Co-creator of Salmon Nation

Ian Gill is a writer, critic, bookseller, conservationist and co-creator of Salmon Nation, a bioregional network I am a proud member and resident of. Ian is also Principal of Cause+Effect, a Vancouver-based consulting company focused on designing and implementing strategies for large-scale social transformation. Prior to establishing Cause+Effect, Ian spent almost eighteen years as CEO of Ecotrust in three countries – Canada, the US and Australia. In 2020, he co-founded an independent bookstore in Vancouver, Upstart & Crow. He lives in Vancouver and on a small island off the West Coast of Salmon Nation. Today, Ian lays out for us Salmon Nation’s call for Salmon Stories - and how they are offering $1000 Fellowships for curating our love stories for our bioregion’s beloved keystone species.

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