#9 - Ray Troll - Artist and host of Paleo Nerds

Ray Troll is an American artist. Ray’s work has been described as “scientific surrealism” a label that he’s okay with. He’s widely recognized for his obsessively detailed scientifically accurate artwork along with his offbeat, quirky sense of humor. Ray draws his whimsical inspiration from extensive field work, the latest scientific discoveries, & brings a street-smart, tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek sensibility to the worlds of ichthyology and paleontology. You can do a deep dive with Ray on his podcast, Paleo Nerds.
Check out Ray Troll and his work:⁣
Save What You Love with Mark Titus:⁣
Produced: Tyler White⁣
Edited: Patrick Troll⁣
Music: Whiskey Class⁣
Instagram: @savewhatyoulovepodcast
Website: savewhatyoulove.evaswild.com
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Episode Transcript:⁣

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