#23 - Aleesha Towns-Bain - Executive Director, Bristol Bay Education Foundation

Aleesha Towns-Bain is the executive director of the Bristol Bay Education Foundation (BBEF). She hosted Tyler and me in June during the Neqa Salmon Derby, which, in addition to being a profoundly moving experience, was like grown-up summer camp in the most beautiful, wild place you can dream up. It was all to benefit the BBEF and its mission to connect Bristol Bay’s young people to their past and invest in their future. Aleesha’s work with the foundation is rooted in providing resources for the resilience and education of Bristol Bay’s young people of Indigenous descent - all of whom are shareholders in the Bristol Bay Native Corporation. BBEF provides scholarships to 4-year colleges and universities - and also to trade schools and deep-learning in the languages and traditional culture of Bristol Bay’s First People. Aleesha’s work and this conversation inspired the hell out of me and instilled hope for Bristol Bay’s future by this critical investment in Bristol Bay’s greatest treasure, her young people.

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