#17 - Zach Carothers - Bassist from Portugal. The Man

Zach is an Alaskan. And a fisherman. And he happens to play bass for Wasilla Alaska’s own, Portugal. The Man. PTM is now based in Portland, Oregon but Zach’s passion for rivers, fish and music remain the same. On this week’s episode of SWYL, Mark and Zach talk about creativity through Covid; Zach most cringe-worthy moment on stage; the PTM Foundation’s inspired work supporting Indigenous sovereignty and justice - and of course, swinging a fly for Steelhead.

Check out Zack and his work:
Save What You Love with Mark Titus:⁣⁣
Produced: Tyler White⁣⁣
Edited: Patrick Troll⁣⁣
Music: Whiskey Class⁣⁣

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