#18 - Russ Ricketts - Founder, RiverSnorkeling

Russ Ricketts finds wonder underwater. And he inspires it in me and everyone he touches with his work - sharing an ethereal world that's as close as your local river. Russ has been a good friend for over a decade now. You'll find his DNA in both The Breach and The Wild. His beautiful underwater footage makes both of these films sing the song electric for wild salmon. On today's episode of SWYL, Russ gets real with me about our imperiled salmon runs here in the PNW; staying determined despite the last year and becoming awestruck by dipping your head underwater. 

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Mark Titus
Mark Titus
Mark Titus is the creator of Eva’s Wild and director of the award winning films, The Breach and The Wild. He’s currently working on a third film in his salmon trilogy, The Turn. In early 2021, Mark launched his podcast, Save What You Love, interviewing exceptional people devoting their lives in ways big and small to the protection of things they love. Through his storytelling, Mark Titus carries the message that humanity has an inherent need for wilderness and to fulfill that need we have a calling to protect wild places and wild things.
Russ Ricketts
Russ Ricketts
Russ Ricketts is an incredible underwater photographer/videographer living in Leavenworth, WA. He runs River Snorkeling as well as Colchuck Media with his wife, outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer Leah Hemberry Ricketts.
#18 - Russ Ricketts - Founder, RiverSnorkeling
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