#20 - Aaron Kindle Host, National Wildlife Federation Outdoors Podcast

This week Mark talks to Aaron Kindle, Director of Sporting Advocacy for National Wildlife Federation (NWF) – one of the many incredible partners working to preserve Bristol Bay forever. Aaron is lifelong Westerner, originally from Wyoming, who possesses a deep appreciation for the West, its people, and its wild country. He comes to NWF from Trout Unlimited, where he worked on public lands issues for their Sportsmen’s Conservation Project for four and a half years.

Check out Aaron and his work:

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Mark Titus
Mark Titus
Mark Titus is the creator of Eva’s Wild and director of the award winning films, The Breach and The Wild. He’s currently working on a third film in his salmon trilogy, The Turn. In early 2021, Mark launched his podcast, Save What You Love, interviewing exceptional people devoting their lives in ways big and small to the protection of things they love. Through his storytelling, Mark Titus carries the message that humanity has an inherent need for wilderness and to fulfill that need we have a calling to protect wild places and wild things.
Aaron Kindle
Aaron Kindle
Aaron Kindle focuses on numerous hunter/angler conservation efforts for the National Wildlife Federation including keeping public lands in public hands, promoting responsible energy development, advocating for pro hunting, angling, and wildlife policies in state legislatures, and elevating the National Wildlife Federation’s sporting voice across the country.
#20 - Aaron Kindle Host, National Wildlife Federation Outdoors Podcast
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