#35 - Phil Davis - Author, Salmon Activist

Phil wrote the children's book, "The Last Salmon" which has been turned into a play and is on its way to the big screen as an animated film. Phil offers a hopeful glimpse into acting locally to save the things we love.
Phil Davis and his wife, Cathy moved to the Methow Valley in Washington State and fell in love. Not just with the land, but with the people and the history of this place. That history includes a landscape of hardship for the First People of this valley and the wild salmon who have made the 400-mile journey from the sea back inland here since time immemorial. Phil decided to write a story, with a salmon-eye view about what this journey means. Then he and Cathy went further and led a community effort to build something very special to honor the history, people, salmon and land of this place. Listen to Phil tell the story on this special episode of Save What You Love.

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