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#5 - Dave McCoy - Emerald Water Anglers, Patagonia Ambassador

What do we do when we love something too much? Dave McCoy is a Patagonia ambassador, fly fishing guide, and founder of Emerald Water Anglers. Dave shares how he enjoys the fishing experience without ever taking anything out of the water. "Keep fish wet" is the motto.

#4 - April Vokey - Founder, Anchored Outdoors

April Vokey is an adventurer, fly fishing writer, host of the Anchored and Into The Backing Podcasts, and founder of Anchored Outdoors. After guiding in British Columbia for ten years, she now splits her year between camp in northern BC and Australia. She is an FFF certified casting instructor, forager, bowhunter, and mother. Join Mark and April in charged and searching conversation about the things we love, loves lost, and the future of fishing.

#3 - Chad Brown - Founder, Love is King

Chad Brown is a decorated US Navy veteran who served in Desert Storm/Shield Gulf War and Operation Restore Hope, Somalia. He has transformed his struggles with PTSD into accomplishments as a photographer, creative director, adventurer and conservationist. He founded Soul River, a non-profit organization bringing inner-city youth and military veterans together in the wilderness where they learn to become leaders in conservation and their communities. His new venture, Love is King, is committed to providing equal opportunity to ensure equitable and safe access to the outdoors for children, families, and communities of people of color as a way to improve the physical, mental and spiritual health.

#2 - David James Duncan - Award Winning Author

David James Duncan is an award-winning American novelist and essayist, best known for his two bestselling novels, The River Why and The Brothers K. In this episode, Duncan announces and reads from his new epic novel "Sun House" for the first time, a project 15 years in the making. He and Mark discuss Convergence and Murmuration; Dualism vs. Contemplation and a Great Salmon Awakening.

#1 - Apay'uq Moore - Artist and Indigenous, Yup'ik Activist

Apay’uq Moore is a Yup’ik artist and activist. She creates art that exemplifies the best parts of the traditional Yup’ik way of life and raises her two kids off-grid in Bristol Bay, Alaska. She advocates for social justice, indigenous rights and the sanctity of Bristol Bay’s headwaters – fighting for decades to block the proposed Pebble Mine. Mark and Apay’uq discuss her artwork, traditional lifestyle in Bristol Bay, the sanctity of wild food and the Pebble Mine project.

Save What You Love Trailer

What to expect from Save What You Love with Mark Titus. Each week we’ll dive into vulnerable conversations with doers working to save the things they love most with all their hearts. Guests will include some of your favorite authors, activists, and entertainers as well as people you’ve probably passed a hundred times quietly practicing radical compassion in their everyday life without you ever even knowing it.

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